Corporate Information

OGIS-RI provides total solutions matched to each and every client.

What is required for a systems integration company to provide the best possible e-business solutions to its clients?
The answer is the ability to provide "total solutions" backed by advanced capabilities in both technology and business. OGIS-RI fits the bill perfectly, offering consulting, IT strategy development, and systems design, development, operation and management providing seamless, integrated solutions.

Company Profile

Company Name OGIS-RI Co.,Ltd.
President Shinya Nishioka
Established June 29, 1983
Capital 440 million JPY (wholly owned by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.)
Sales 36,677 million JPY (Unconsolidated)
63,982 million JPY (Consolidated) [fiscal year 2017]
Number of employees 1,423(Unconsolidated)
3,371(Consolidated)[as of Mar 31, 2018]
Business Contents *IT Consulting
* Information Strategy Drafting
* Systems Integration
* Systems Development
* Network Construction
* Support Services
* Systems Operation/Maintenance