Company History

1983 Jun. Osaka Gas Information System Co., Ltd. (OGIS) established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
1984 Jun. OGIS Computer School "NEED" opened.
1985 Apr. Osaka Gas Information System Research Institute Co., Ltd. (OGIS-RI) established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of OGIS.
1986 Apr. Tokyo branch office opened.
Jul. Iwasaki Computer Center (ICC) completed.
1987 Sep. ICC recognized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) for its implementation of comprehensive safety measures.
1988 Feb. OGIS-RI Nanko office opened.
1989 Oct. Head office moved to present location.
1990 Feb. Recognized as a system integrator by MITI.
1992 Jan. U.S. Silicon Valley office opened.
Apr. OGIS and OGIS-RI merged to form OGIS-RI Co., Ltd.
1995 Mar. Recognized by MITI as a specialized system operation company.
Apr. Amagasaki office opened.
1997 Jun. Helpdesk center opened.
1999 Jun. Registered for ISO 9001 review.
2000 Oct. Silicon Vallay Office incorporated to form OGIS International, Inc.
2001 Sep. Capital participation in Ube Information Systems, Inc.
Oct. Capital participation in SYSTEM ANSWER Inc.
2002 Feb. Recognized by the award of the Privacy Mark by JIPDEC.
Jun. Toyota office opened.
2005 Jul. Nagoya office opened.
Nov. Katsushika Recycle Center opened.
2006 Jul. Capital participation in Sakura Information Systems co., Ltd.